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The live Summit Event has ended to stay updated on future events or to be notified if this event comes back, add your contact info below!

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The Summit Has Ended

How Did It Work

  • The Summit was aired for a limited time between April 1st through May 31st 2020

How Can I Watch It

  • The entire Practice Financial Summit can be purchased and downloaded in high definition and is currently being offered at 15% OFF. Just click the order button below.

Will It Be Back

  • The live Summit event has ended and we don’t if or when it will be back, but If you want me to notify you if the summit comes back, add your contact info above!

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About Practice Financial Summit

The purpose for the practice financial summit is to bring awareness to the value of having control of your finances and profits and the impact it would have on your practice. This online summit will bring you top industry leaders to discuss tips, tricks, and unique insights into business and practice success.

Featured Talks & Speakers

Come participate in this one of a kind Practice Financial Summit. Learn from experts on how you can achieve financial freedom. Nobody deserves to constantly stress about money. Discover how you can control your money and use it to design a life and practice that you love.

Mike Michalowicz

Author of the must read book Profit First

Dr. Patrick Gentempo

CEO of Action Potential Holdings, Inc

Garrett Gunderson

Entrepreneur &
“Financial Genius”

Dr. Stephen Franson

Founder of The
Remarkable Practice

Dr. Janice Hughes

Author, Executive and Business Coach

Rick Sapio

Founder & CEO of Mutual Capital Alliance & Author

Michael J Cassera

Co-Founder NUVAsuite

Jared Yellin

Founder of SYNDUIT &
Co-Founder of UNBLINDED

Brandy Kinnear

Founder of  Your Ideal Patients

Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp

Business owner & Author

Dr. Trent Camp

Owner and operator of Camp Chiropractic

Debra Cassera & Sabrina Pelech

Summit Hosts &
Co-Founders of Profit First Chiro

Who is on the summit &

what can you learn?

Mike Michalowicz Learn how you can make your practice permanently profitable from the author of the hit book Profit First himself! Take your profit first, accumulate cash, & kiss financial stress goodbye.

Dr. Patrick Gentempo Deep dive into the philosophy of money and how shifting your mindset can drive your practice’s success

Garrett Gunderson The 4 “I”s of Practice;  understand and leverage the IRS, Interest, Investments, & Insurance to reach your practice financial goals.

Dr. Stephen Franson Identify the current season of your practice and what you need to be doing right now

Dr. Janice Hughes What’s the legacy for your practice? Learn how to create your 10-year plan and create the legacy practice you desire

Rick Sapio Build financial success through targets principle tactics and mindset; leverage existing assets to increase productivity through simplicity

Michael Cassera Leverage today’s technology to drive efficiency in your practice so that you can focus on patient care

Jared Yellin Learn how to engage with your potential patients and deliver a targeted message to convert them to care

Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp & Brandy Kinnear Learn how to turn your pebbles into rocks by leveraging virtual summits in your community

Dr. Trent Camp Owing your practice numbers is vital to your success.  Learn what you need to be tracking and what it means for your success

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The live Summit Event has ended to stay updated on future events or to be notified if this event comes back, add your contact info below!

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