Profit First ChiroTM

Roadmap to Profitability

Practice Profitability Reset Program

Are you tired of feeling like you never have the money and freedom you want? Does financial stress seem to have taken over your life?

Imagine walking into your practice each day feeling excited and ready for the new day. As you start to see patients you feel calm, centered, and focused on delivering high-quality care and running the practice you always dreamed of. Your practice runs seamlessly, your home life feels balanced, and you are living your purpose.

There is just one problem…

Let us know if this sounds familiar

  • You are on the new patient hamster wheel, hoping that if you just brought in more new patients, you will finally be making the money you deserve
  • The demands of managing a chiropractic practice, coupled with financial uncertainties, leave you emotionally drained and off-balance.
  • You are constantly chasing the next shinny object that is finally going to turn your practice around.
  • You feel like you are never in control of your time or your practice.
  • Your practice feels like it’s working against you, and you’re urgently seeking a solution to achieve financial stability and success.
  • You just want to be able to focus on providing high-quality patient care without always worrying about your finances.
A male Chiropractor who is happy that he got his finances under control using the Profit First Chiro Roadmap

Here’s the Truth

You can’t control the economy, but you can learn how to implement a system that makes your practice more financially resilient.

We know what it feels like to be trapped in the never-ending cycle of stress and anxiety from running a practice that is not financially healthy.  We know the toll it takes on the chiros and their families – sleepless nights, arguments with loved ones, and a constant sense of unease become the norm. The biggest missing piece is this… a financial management system that works with your natural behaviors instead of against them.  Every chiropractor we have worked with who has implemented the Profit First for Chiropractors system has forever transformed their practice’s finances for the better.  No more… sleepless nights, constant worry about finances, arguments with loved ones, so much more. Finally, their practice was what they had always dreamed it would be.

We want to save you the TIME & HASSLE by helping you implement this truly transformational system into your practice. Are you in?


Profit First ChiroTM

Roadmap to Profitability

Practice Profitability Reset Program

Designed to empower you with the practice tools and knowledge to reset your practice finances, create sustainable profitability, and (re)gain economic peace.
A male Chiropractor who is happy that he got his finances under control using the Profit First Chiro Roadmap

What’s Included?

  • 15+ page detailed Roadmap to Profitability report that breaks down your individual results from your Profit First Chiro Assessment.

✨Deepen your awareness and understanding of your true current financial situation because knowing where you are is key to making lasting and impactful changes.

  • Profit First System Implementation Guide & Checklist

✨Implementing Profit First can feel overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. Included is a checklist and vidual guide of the steps to impelement the system as well as a quick reference guide on what to do and when to do it.

  • Current Expense Analysis How to Guide & Worksheet

✨Keeping or cutting the right expenses is essential when you are building a profitable practice. Cutting too much or too little can put unnecessary strain on your practice. We will guide you through the process so that you make the best decision for your practice.

  • 30+ page Quick Start Guide on Everything Profit First Chiro

✨Our in-depth Quick Start Guide will teach you everything you need to know about the Profit First System so that even if you haven’t read Profit First for Chiropractors you will know all the basics you need to implement the system successfully.

  • 5+ Additional Guides, Checklists and Worksheets

✨Empower your journey to financial mastery with our comprehensive toolkit. Gain access to 5+ expertly crafted worksheets, checklists, and handouts designed to guide you seamlessly through your Profit First implementation.

A male Chiropractor who is happy that he got his finances under control using the Profit First Chiro Roadmap

And there’s more!

Enroll Now and you’ll get these FREE bonuses!

Bonus #1

12 weeks to Profitability Ebook

Jump start your journey to profitability! This Ebook contains 12 articles filled with ideas and exercises you can use immediately in your practice. The 12 articles are focused on boosting innovation, controlling expenses, changing your mindset, and leaving financial stress behind.

Bonus #2

Detailed Quarterly Progress Report

Implementing gradual financial adjustments instead of attempting drastic changes is crucial for achieving sustainable profitability. Small changes ensure your practice can adapt.  The Progress Assessment evaluates the impact of these adjustments and helps keep you on track to reaching your goal.

Bonus #3

Q&A Recording with Debra & Sabrina

Access to an exclusive pre-recorded webinar, where we answer some of the most frequently asked Profit First Chiro questions.

We are authors, speakers and entrepreneurs.  We co-founded Innate Potential, a firm which services businesses in the health & wellness industry, with a focus on chiropractic. Our passion for chiropractic comes from our own experiences of living the chiropractic lifestyles. Over the past 20+ years, we have helped business owners to reprioritize profit, leverage the benefits of financial simplicity, and (re)gain economic peace.
Debra Cassera & Sabrina Pelech Co-Founders of Profit First Chiro and authors of Profit First for Chiropractors

As Featured In

As Featured in

How does Profit First Chiro work?
Profit First Chiro goes beyond traditional accounting, transforming financial complexities into actionable insights. It prioritizes profit and strategically allocates resources to equip chiropractors with the tools needed for sustainable success.
Is Profit First Chiro suitable for practices of all sizes?
Yes, Profit First Chiro is designed for versatility and adapts to the unique needs of solo practitioners, group practices, and those managing multiple locations. It caters to diverse requirements, ensuring financial success for everyone.
Is there a guide for beginners?
Yes, the Profit First Chiro Quick Start Guide is included, offering a concise yet comprehensive manual covering all the basics of Profit First Chiro for seamless integration into your practice.
What is the Quarterly Profitability Plan?
The Quarterly Profitability Plan is a personalized guide crafted based on your practice details. It provides clear steps for improvement, ensuring a strategic approach to financial management.
How does Profit First Chiro eradicate financial stress?
Profit First Chiro transforms your practice’s financial narrative, offering tangible empowerment by envisioning profits as actual cash reserves, providing consistency in salary, and eliminating stress from unexpected expenses.
What is the Expense Evaluation tool?
The Expense Evaluation tool is a step-by-step guide for strategically analyzing practice expenses, helping you make informed decisions to optimize your practice’s overall profitability.
Who are the authors of Profit First for Chiropractors?
The co-authors of Profit First for Chiropractors are Debra Cassera and Sabrina Pelech, who serve as expert guides in implementing the Profit First method.

Ready to Get Started?

Profit First ChiroTM

Roadmap to Profitability

Practice Profitability Reset Program

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15+ page detailed Roadmap to Profitability report

Profit First System Implementation Guide & Checklist

Current Expense Analysis How to Guide & Worksheet

30+ page Quick Start Guide on Everything Profit First Chiro

Bonus: 12 Weeks to Profitability Ebook

Bonus: 15+ page detailed Quarterly Progress report

Bonus: Q&A FAQ Recording with Debra & Sabrina

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