To become an affiliate for the launch of a virtual summit to bring awareness to the value of having control over your practice’s finances and how to build profitability from within.

A Letter From the Hosts

I am writing you today because as a leader in the profession our community is looking towards us now more than ever to lead them through this uncertain time.  To create a sense of community and vision for hope of the future.

As I am sure you know, we had planned on releasing the Practice Financial Summit at the end of March/early April as a typical affiliate marketing offering.  In exchange for you spreading the word to your community, you would earn 50% commission on any sales made.

In light of the current environment, we have decided extend the time to view for free and while we will continue to offer the program for sale, however, 50% of the purchase price will be donated to DONTATION LOCATION   We will then split the remaining funds 50%-50% with you as a token of our gratitude for you supporting our program.

We strongly believe that even though there is so much uncertainty in the world today, that the message from the Practice Financial Summit is one that every chiropractor needs to hear.  And that, we as leaders of this great profession, need to band together to provide hope, encouragement, and share our knowledge to support our community.  

We hope that you will support us as we adapt the summit to meet the changing times.

So, what does the Practice Financial Summit look like now?

We are launching the Practice Financial Summit registration on March 30th and making the Practice Financial Summit recordings available for FREE until June 30th

Registration for the program will be open for 18 days.  During these 18 days we hope to reach as many chiropractors as possible. 

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE share the message with your audience and encourage them to share the message with everyone they know!

And then……

On April 16th & 17th we are hosting the BRAND NEW LIVE portion of the Practice Financial Summit.  We will be inviting everyone who has registered for the summit to join Zoom sessions to connect with other doctors and leaders in our community. 

But we need your help!

We are asking for you, as a leader to volunteer, for a short 20 minute live segment to discuss your recorded session for the Practice Financial Summit as well as answer questions from the community on how they can respond to the current environment, and what they can do to be better prepared for the future.

We know that together we can bring a message of hope and inspiration to our community.

We are sure that this small piece will make a huge difference for each and every person in our community during these challenging times.

What’s the Exact Plan?

  • Launch the registration period for the summit on March 30th
  • 18-day registration period concluding on April 17th
  • Zoom lives with leaders airing throughout the day on April 16th & 17th
  • Practice Financial Summit recordings available for FREE to all registrants from March 30th until June 30th

We truly hope that you will support us as we work to spread a message of hope for our community during these uncertain times.  And work to give them the knowledge they need to make their practice stronger in the future.

Are you ready??

Respond to this message with YES, I’M READY! And let us know when you will be reaching out to your community so that we can make sure they get the best care possible.  

What happens next?

  • Access your Swipe Copy at – prepared emails to make it easy for you to spread the message of the Summit
  • Check your email for a welcome letter with your unique affiliate link to promote the program, affiliate resources, and a timeline to follow
  • Volunteer for your LIVE session on April 16th or 17th, please include a couple of times that you will be available for your live session.  It is so important that our community can connect with its leaders during these times.

Thank you for all your support and wishing you and your families the very best!

In Purpose and Profits,

Debra Cassera & Sabrina Pelech

Chief Profiteers

Profit First Chiro


Why Become An Affiliate?

Because together we can do great things!

We know that strong financial management is key to running a successful practice which is why we created this AMAZING 2 day summit with 10 presentations,  including 6 highly demanded Keynote Speakers!

Solely Focused on the financial management of a chiropractic practice.

We need your help to spread the message of our summit so that we can reach as many chiropractors as possible.  This is a message everyone needs to hear!

The Topic

Practices thrive with strong financial management.

The Timing

Tax Season is upon us.  Taxes is the #1 expense practices are unprepared for every year. It’s time to change that.

The Message

The purpose for the practice financial summit is to bring awareness to the value of having control of your finances and profits and the impact it would have on your practice. Each speaker brings unique insight into business and practice success.

The Why


Share the message and help grow our industry!


50% on all recording sales!

Mark These Dates In Your Calendar Right Now!

Pre Launch 
In Light of COVID-19 there is no longer a Pre-launch window for the Practice Financial Summit. Instead Registrants will be provided Immediate access to the summit upon registration. They will receive an email to access the summit once they have registered.
Live Summit 
In response to  COVID-19 The Summit will be live between March 31st and June 30th 2020 registrants will have immediate access upon registration.
Summit End And Cart Close 
Last day to buy recordings!
And… Be sure to register to join in and watch along with your followers!

How it works


Register to Promote

First, register to become an affiliate. Let us know when you are planning to mail so that we can plan accordingly.

Share With Your Followers

Simply send a few emails, provided by us, and/or share social posts during the pre-Launch to encourage your followers to check out the event and register for their FREE viewing pass.

Gain Knowledge

Your followers receive a FREE pass to join the summit during the 2-day launch event and learn from our 10 amazing presentations!


During the summit, attendees will be offered the opportunity to own the summit for as little as $59.  You will earn 50% on every purchase made by one of your attendees.
It’s that simple.  Need more details?  Check out our FAQ below.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do you pay affiliate commissions?
Upon sign up,. please provide your best PayPal address to receive your affiliate commissions?  Don’t have a PayPal address please contact the affiliate support to make other arrangements.
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