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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to your most common questions about our services and features. We’re here to provide the information you need to make the most out of your experience with us.


How does data entry work?

Entering data is a breeze! Just create a new data sheet, input your metrics, and let the application do the heavy lifting. The system transforms the 10-15 metrics you enter into a comprehensive set of 50-60 gradable and trackable markers, providing you with an in-depth view of your practice’s health.

What should I do when I achieve my practice goals?

The goal-setting feature in the application is adaptable. When you reach your goals, it’s as simple as raising the bar to keep pushing your practice to new heights.

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How do I access my raw data?

Your raw data is conveniently stored in data sheets, accessible with your username and password from any internet-enabled computer. Additionally, you can easily download your data sheets to Excel or similar programs for more in-depth analysis.

Can I access my data on mobile devices?

Certainly! Our application is mobile-friendly, allowing you to access your data, create new data sheets, and review your practice’s performance on the go. Stay connected and informed from your smartphone or tablet with ease.

Are there additional charges for creating more report cards or activating more markers?

Absolutely not! Your subscription grants you full access to all the application’s features without any extra charges, giving you the freedom to explore and analyze your data to your heart’s content.

How many markers are there?

Our application boasts an extensive library of 70+ markers, and we continuously add new ones to enhance your practice evaluation. You have the flexibility to toggle markers on and off individually, so you can keep it simple or delve into the details as needed.

How can I involve my coach, associates, or accountability partners?

Sharing is effortless! All reports and data sheets are email-friendly. You can also print or save the data sheets, and if you prefer automation, they can be scheduled to send to specified email addresses.

How can I create custom markers?

You’re in control! The application offers a feature that allows you to design custom markers, enabling you to track specific data points in your data sheets and progress reports.

Profit First Chiro FAQs

Is there a guide for beginners?

Yes, the Profit First Chiro Quick Start Guide is included, offering a concise yet comprehensive manual covering all the basics of Profit First Chiro for seamless integration into your practice.


How does Profit First Chiro eradicate financial stress?

Profit First Chiro transforms your practice’s financial narrative, offering tangible empowerment by envisioning profits as actual cash reserves, providing consistency in salary, and eliminating stress from unexpected expenses.

What is the Expense Evaluation tool?

The Expense Evaluation tool is a step-by-step guide for strategically analyzing practice expenses, helping you make informed decisions to optimize your practice’s overall profitability.

Is there a guide for beginners?

Yes, the Profit First Chiro Quick Start Guide is included, offering a concise yet comprehensive manual covering all the basics of Profit First Chiro for seamless integration into your practice.

Is Profit First Chiro suitable for practices of all sizes?

Yes, Profit First Chiro is designed for versatility and adapts to the unique needs of solo practitioners, group practices, and those managing multiple locations. It caters to diverse requirements, ensuring financial success for everyone.

How does Profit First Chiro work?

Profit First Chiro goes beyond traditional accounting, transforming financial complexities into actionable insights. It prioritizes profit and strategically allocates resources to equip chiropractors with the tools needed for sustainable success.

Who are the authors of Profit First for Chiropractors?

The co-authors of Profit First for Chiropractors are Debra Cassera and Sabrina Pelech, who serve as expert guides in implementing the Profit First method.

What is the Quarterly Profitability Plan?

The Quarterly Profitability Plan is a personalized guide crafted based on your practice details. It provides clear steps for improvement, ensuring a strategic approach to financial management.

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